About Us

We are a team of passionate creatives with international experience in delivering exceptional quality building with an emphasis on design.Our experienced and diversely talented consultants pride themselves on delivering highest standard projects, with in-depth knowledge of technical complexities and agile design innovation.

We leverage our diverse mix of expertise and broad range of design capabilities, by promoting a pro-active approach that enables us to build exciting projects,bringing together our creative architectural expertise with hi-tech imaging and virtual reality visualizations to communicate our designs and provide a refined client experience.


Assimilating creative powers of space.

NUMEN is a vision that inspires our perceptual experience of multi-dimensional representations, navigating our inventive appetite towards creating a mindful design that ensures an organic feel of creative powers of space.

Mission & Vision

Embracing uncommon creativity.

At NUMEN we commit to offering world-class design solutions, by employing uncommon creativity, rigorous research and cutting-edge innovation practices and technology.

A new architectural design language

Based in Qatar, NUMEN has a passion for developing a trend-setting design brand that will stand out as “the choice” for evolving needs of topnotch architecture for small businesses and corporate clients alike. Our aspirations are drawn towards setting ground for a revolutionary architectural movement in Qatar and the Middle East.


  • Events design
  • Art Installations
  • Landscape and Urban Design
  • Architectural Design Services
  • Construction Project Management
  • Development Proposals and Feasibility Studies
  • Rendering, Virtual Reality and 360 images production
  • Spa design consultancy
  • Landscape construction
  • Architectural design Advisory
  • Interior design and Building Fit-Out
  • Basic design, Planning, Pre-Design
  • Bespoke Furniture and Product Design and Trading
  • Renovation, Building Rehabilitation and Facility Restoration